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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Melioramentum at Carn Rosemoran: Looking Eastwards to Margate.

The Cairn at Rosemorran
In 1987 three Gold Arm Rings were discovered at Rosemorran.
Flax Canvas, Wool Yarns, Acrylic Gesso
Sennara Lebanon
Gold Lamé,Shot Silk,Acrylic Gesso
Phonoecian Shipwrights developed ships with keels which took them through the Mediterranean to Galicia on the North Atlantic coast and further north to Brittany and Cornwall where they traded with tin smelters.
Eastwards to Margate in search of Matter July 15th until August Dog Days;
The Dog Star rising coincidentally with the Sun, which was believed to be the hottest and therefore the most unwholesome, time of year.It was regarded as an evil time, when malign influences were abroad, dogs ran mad, and people became ill. The actual dates are hard to determine as they are calculated upon Sirius or Procyon (both Dog Stars) differing according to the latitude.

Moonbow Jakes is the name of a cafe/bar/venue which moved around South London in several incarnations before becoming victim of the global Banking Disasters. In its latest guise Moonbow Jakes and John McKiernan have popped up in Cliftonville, Margate among the detritus of an ailing old cafe premises on the busy main road at 18 Cliff Road, Margate, Matter is an exhibition curated by John McKiernan, part of a busy schedule of performance, poetry, music and action in this somewhat neglected part of Margate. The venue is rapidly forming a vital link in the regeneration and community resuscitation that such areas urgently need. 
 1977 by Jonathan Polkest
nylon,brocade and gesso


interior of the gradually remorphing cafe/bar/venue Moonbow Margate awaiting the arrival of musicians.

Auteur and Happener Mr John McKiernan on the threshold.
Community Art could be loosely defined as a way of creating art in which professional artists collaborate more or less intensively with people who don't normally actively engage in the arts. Community arts, also sometimes known as "dialogical art", "community-engaged" or "community-based art," refers to artistic activity based in a community setting. Works from this genre can be of any art forms and is characterized by interaction or dialogue with the community. The term was defined in the late-1960s and spawned a movement which grew in the United States, Canada, the UK, Ireland, and Australia.
Often community art is based in deprived areas, with a community oriented, grassroots approach. Members of a local community will come together to express concerns or issues through an artistic process, sometimes this may involve professional artists or actors. These communal artistic processes act as a catalyst to trigger events or changes within a community or even at a national or international level.
In English-speaking countries community art is often seen as the work of community arts centre. Visual arts (fine art, video, new media art), music, and theater are common mediums in community art centers. Many arts companies in the UK do some community-based work, which typically involves developing participation by non-professional members of local communities.

 Community art and public art

The term community art refers also to field of community, neighborhood and public art practice with roots in social justice and popular and informal education methods. In the art world, community art signifies a particular art making practice, emphasizing community involvement and collaboration. Community art is most often art for social change and involves some empowerment of the community members who come together to create artwork/s with artists. This is a growing national, international, regional and local field. Recently community arts and sustainability work or environmental action have begun to interface, including urban revitalization projects creating artwork at a neighbourhood level.

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