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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

ECHOING GREEN. Jonathan Polkest

Nefyn, Porth Dinlleyn, last Saturday17th of April 2021 an incredibly gem-like meteorite shower from the beach at Porth DinLleyn, a place almost entirely formed from Greenstone - Horneblende Schist's as the local name implies "Carreg Dhe".Although Nefyn is a very interesting location, geologically. It is the location for the life and times of St. Beuno, the large church at Clynnog Vaur and the little church at Pystll, both impressive structures although Pystll's humble scale and cliffside location lend a spiritual dimension reminiscent of the little church at Old Town, St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly, Cornwall, Pystll is by comparison deserted added to which the aisle is strewn with aromatic herbs which react as the "pilgrim" makes their way towards the altar.

The Church at Pystll, near Clynnog Vaur, near Nefyn on the Lleyn Peninsular, North Wales.

  Lines & Strata Exhibition Photographs from Denbigh, North Wales U.K.

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